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8 Important Tips to Buy A Puppies
1. It's will be good for you if you buy the puppies to the breeder directly.

2. Check the cleaness of the puppies environment. if dirty and foul smell, it will be nice for us to find anothet place. because if the place is dirty and foul smell it's mean that the breeder is untidy/dirty. the puppies will not grow well because the environment not health but dirty and having alot of bacteria and germ.

3. You should ask to breeder to looking the father and mother of the puppies, because the characteristic anatomy will not be different so far like the puppy's mother or father.

4. Check the skin condition of the puppies, if there are a injury, sore etc, i think you should consider to not buy that puppy to avoid the something that don't want. usually the bad breeder will say to you that the puppy already fight with othet dog, because of that there are some injury or sore. Remember.. the puppies that fight with other puppies will not causing the injury or sere, because the injury or sore happen if the puppy having the skin desease and then the puppies will scratch the skin until injury.

5. Before you bring your puppy into your home, it will be nice if we check the puppy's eat desire. The puppies in that have 4 month age will have big desire to eat. they will be eat again after we get them food. if your puppy doesn't want to eat or have low desire to eat, it can mean that your puppy have health problem. but if your puppy it something, make sure that the feces is solid,because if not solid it can means that there are some digestion problem.

6. Make sure that the puppies that you will buy already get vaccination.

7. Make sure that you will get the health guarantee at least 1 week after buying.

8. Remember !!!! Don't to having uncontrol desire to buy the puppies even forget about the point above, because there are a lot of people who feel regretfull because of that.

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