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You would be surprised what a puppy can find in the home. A puppy is a baby crawling on the floor and if something is there, your puppy will find it.

The trouble is many of these things are dangerous to the puppy, so you have to find those things before he does.

Things like cords that lay on the floor or hang down in the puppies reach. If you have a fan in the middle of the room or a space heater, there is a cord attached. Watch out for lamp cords. Any cords that are pugged in can kill a dog that chews on them and sometimes even when they are not plugged in. make sure to shut off things you are not using.

Watch for things that may fall off tables. You may not notice but your puppy will. Talk to the kids about leaving toys around puppies, because your new puppy will chew them and may choke on plastic or other little pieces.

Watch things that could fall on the floor in the kitchen while cooking. There are foods that are dangerous to puppies and full grown dogs also.

The bathroom is another place your puppy may get into trouble. Soaps,hair sprays, razors and now that your thinking about it, I bet that you can think of a lot of other bathroom dangers.

We all make a mess from time to time and that mess would be a puppies toy box, so be careful of your new babies and remember this may go on as much as a year old or more.

Outside has dangers too for your puppy. Make sure you have a fence that he can't get out of. Dogs are smarter then we give them credit for and they like to explore. Be sure there are no places they can dig out of your fence and if your dog is going to get big enough to jump a fence, take precautions for that. You may need to have a tie out for them. If they are on a tie out, be sure to watch them so they don't get tangled and choke their selves. Also check what plants you have in your yeard as many things are toxic for dogs.

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