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Finding a New Family Member, a Puppy Or Dog

Among all the 100's of dog breeds, live 1000's of personalities. Finding the best breed for you involves more than browsing the dog breeder with puppies for sale or dogs for sale ads. It involves dedicated research. Appearance certainly plays a role. But looks aren't everything. The range of behavioral attributes among dog and puppies is every bit as wide as the range of physical appearance attributes.

Step one. Find a good source for dog breed profile information.

Step two. Dog Breeders, once you have selected a dog breed that's compatible with you and your family's personality; it's time to find a new dog or puppy. Browse puppies for sale, dogs for sale ads, Google keyword phrases like; find dogs for sale, find puppies for sale, find a dog breeder. You can also do local searches for example; Colorado puppies for sale. Compile a list of selected dog breeders with your chosen puppy for sale or dog for sale. Look for those dog breeders that are passionate about their chosen breed, if the dog breeder breeds multiple breeds, this just maybe a RED flag. Most of the truly passionate dog breeders dedicate all their time and efforts to a single dog breed.

Step three. Dog Breeder List, now look for those whom place dog breed health, and temperament as a priority on their list. Most of these breeders will offer you a written health guarantee on all their puppies and dogs for sale. In these cases the parents of the puppies for sale have been checked for the most common dog breed specific inherent diseases. Avoid at all cost known puppy mills, puppy brokers, back yard breeders, and stores that sell multiple breeds. Why you ask, because, most pet stores buy their puppies for sale from puppy mills, puppy brokers, and back yard breeders. This type of breeders focus is on profit, with no or little regard to health, temperament. Their puppies are often in poor health, and become a huge burden with regards to medical expenses or worst, heart ache from a shorter than normal life span. They also tend to be nervous, distrustful and hard to train, and may develop behavior problems that they can never overcome, even by the most patient, loving owner.

For more information, or detailed breed profiles and dog breeder selection visit us at: edoglovers.com.

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